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This is the home of all my projects and some other long-form articles that don't fit my blog.

Any projects you see on advertising supported 'free' sites are no longer being accessed by me.



This is a collection of projects I have pages and/or code for currently available.

There was also quite a lot of other code on google code that I have archived, but it's probably out of date and I can't be fucked doing much about it.

I'm constantly working on other bits of random software as well.

ESP32/ESP8266 Projects and Components


esp-idf driver for HiLink LD2410C human presence radar module.

Native Library Interfaces

I've written a few utility libraries that wrap C api's in what I think is pretty nice Java.

They all support explicit or automatic reclaimation (garbage collection), clean and simple apis (where they are complete) and are very simple portable code that is easy and fast to build.


Java Native Interface object auto reclaimation and utility library.


Java binding for FFmpeg.


A nice Java binding for OpenCL 2.1.


Expreriments with OpenJDK project panama.

Web Software


A personal blog engine, it is used to run https://www.zedzone.au/blog/ (the blog on this site).

Utility libraries


Static link library of high quality C utility functions.

dez - Delta-Z

A binary diff/delta generator/compressor, restorer/decompressor, and file format. Java and C implementation.

Parallella Tools and Libraryes

No longer maintained but there's some interesting stuff in here.

elf loader for parallella

A dynamic relocatable elf loader for parallella (now retired, see ezesdk).

ezesdk for parallella

An alternative loader and run-time for software development on parallella/epiphany. Supercedes the elf loader library.

ezetool for epiphany

A (set of?) tool(s?) for code analysis of the epiphany cpu.

Android `apps'

Android coding pretty much sucks rocks!

Internode Radio Player App

An Android player for customers of Internode and IINet in Australia for listening to un-metered radio stations.

Random toys and other shit


A music jukebox for local music files.

Computer over-use monitor

A monitor that tells you when you're using your computer too much.

Vulkan Experiments

Various prototyping and experiments using the Vulkan graphics API from C.

Web Extensions for Mozilla Firefox

Some trivial firefox extensions that I can't live without.

Vulkan Experiments

Various prototyping and experiments using the Vulkan graphics API from C.


A real-time audio synthesiser. Well a prototype/experiment of one.

I hadn't done any audio programming in Java before and a very small change to the DataSourceLine creation massively improves latency.

Amiga Workbench 2.0 (tm) Theme

A basic Workbench 2.0 window manager theme for XFCE 4.0.

I use this on all my machines. If nothing else it gives a resize button you can actually fucking use.


Fast Object Detection in One Line Of Code. An algorithm, a paper, a demo app.

Local Binary Patterns are much superceded by convolutional ANNs although they are fairly compact and writing the NEON assembly language was a bit of fun.


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