NativeZ - JNI Binding Library

This is a C link library and Java base class which can be used to help implement libraries which use the Java Native Interface (JNI).

It provides a base class for native objects which provides automatic (and manual) reclaimation, and a shared library for easy access to these and other JNI utilities.


Most of it should be quite stable. A version of it has been used for some time in multiple production applications software for a common proprietary platform.

The main output is a .jmod which contains the base class and a shared library of utilities.


This is supplied under the permissive 3-clause BSD license. It allows for commercial use. See the README and src/notzed.nativez/legal/LICENSE.


It requires an OpenJDK, perl, cproto, and the usual GNU build tools. It only builds on GNU/Linux systems.



notzed on various mail servers, primarily

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