Z's Vulkan Expriments

I know it's late but just recently at the end of 2019 I finally have a machine, OS, and graphics card that supports Vulkan (Slackware-14-current).

This project is just for some exploratory experiments. I'm primarily interested in compute but will dabble with some rendering as well. Initially i'm just getting a handle the api, and doing everything in C (most examples seem to be in The Devil's Vomit - aka c++). I may also dabble with Java bindings; with OpenCL it really made it much easier to use. I'm also interested in using OpenCL shaders via clspv (see the links below).

The goal will be to be self-contained examples with no external dependencies apart from vulkan and associated compilers.

It's a big, complex api, but I hope to tame it as I progress.


Code that depends on experimental software like clspv may not necessarily remain in a working state.

This will be forever work-in-progress and will not have releases but certain examples may be highlighted here, such as the following:


Mostly just a simple C port of vulkan_minimal_compute example that uses a GLSL compute shader to perform a mandelbrot calculation.


This is a port of the above which uses OpenCL C source for the shader, compiled with clspv.

It's identical apart from the shader used.


These examples are free software with permissive licenses. So far some are based on existing code or tutorials so they have retained their licenses (even if they haven't retained much identical code).


The git checkout url is:

Also see the Code link at the top of this page to browse the repository.



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