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Friday, 13 December 2019, 04:25

Workbench 2.0 Theme Updated!

So I finally gave up on KDE and went back to xfce4. The way I had things seutp there wasn't a lot of difference but there wasn't anything to be gained either. Login was stupendously slow but the showstopper was not being able to drag windows to another virtual desktop - possibly you can do it but I don't care now.

Of course xfce4 is also borked because it uses gtk3 now ... so I wanted to fix the scrollbars. And then I wanted to have grey backgrounds on windows ... so I ended up creating a new AmigaOS theme for xfce4 that merges my window manager theme with a couple of separate gtk themes I found on www.xfce-look.org.

T'is a bit rough but it works!

Go to the Workbench 2.0 project page for further details and how to get hold of it!

X Windows System

I also had an ugly fight with .Xdefaults and xterm settings along the way. Slackware's xterm uses some really shitty colours and disables things like 'bold' (which i particularly like in my man-pages, thank-you-very-much). The magic line required to get anything to even work is:

XTerm*customization: -color

I haven't gone through and fixed the colours yet, or worked on emacs with a grey background but I guess I will do that eventually as well.

It still works!

And finally, I switched to xdm as my login manager. It's ugly but it's fast as fuck and simple to use. The kde one kept wanting to default to kde and I like the simplicity of xdm anyway.

Tagged code, hacking.
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