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Wednesday, 23 October 2019, 07:58

Fuck Adelaide, Fuck South Australia

So last night I was chatting to some younger people about what used to be at Glenelg near the Patawalonga. It was just a big umaintained carpark that on a Friday/Saturday night used be filled with bikies ('bikers' in USA talk), kids doing burnouts, booze, grass and other drugs, and generally a good time had by all (sans the 1984 riots, but oh well, these things happen - it was probably the lead in everyone's blood as children).

That's all gone now.

In it's place is an ugly shitty miserable development called Holdfast Shores. That land was donated to the people of South Australia and the corrupt councilers just sold it off to the highest bidder - illegaly as it was bequethed on the condition that it was never commericlaised. It was a relative of one of my aunties and she was very upset about it.

Anyway ... point is, there is just nothing like that any more. Can you imagine a place where people just hang out, have fun, booze and drugs IN PUBLIC ... and entirely for free? FUCK NO! Everything is now commercialised. You pay to get in, you pay too much for your watered down booze, and everything is controlled by someone. If you congrate in that volume now the filth come in and arrest everyone for having too much unpaid fun. Unless it's inside a gated 'festival' with private security and plenty of nods and winks.

And for all that all the drink and drugs happens anyway.

This is really sad and quite upsetting now I think about how much we've lost.

Fuck this town. Fuck Adelaide, fuck South Australia. What a shithole. Beer's good but.

Tagged biographical.
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