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Monday, 28 October 2019, 05:54

Java 13 Upgrade

I upgraded a bunch of projects from Java 11 to Java 13 over the weekend. It was just a drop in replacement and all I had to do was change some paths.

Unfortunately gluon are still not distributing the GPL-covered JavaFX properly. They only have downloads for the binaries. I made a mention of this for JavaFX 11 the only way I could find at the time - via their 'support system' i.e. stack overflow - but they just said to get it from maven central. There's a pretty big problem with that: for starters they don't link to maven central and there are multiple javafx artifacts present. The other problem is maven central just doesn't work with my browser (firefox) it just comes back with some obtuse error. And finally ... the source archive on maven is the IDE "java sources" archive and NOT the machine-readable corresponding source-code to their release. That means it's basically just contains some of the sources that match the class files which lets you browse or get the documentation from NetBeans, but it doesn't contain any of the platform specific code or native code, build system and so forth. They don't even link to the mercurial (or is it git now?) source coded repository and tag.

I've made a few changes to nativez/jjmpeg/zcl since the last release of each but i'm not sure when i'll do another set.

On Java 13, netbeans 11 doesn't support the new features so it's pretty inconvenient to get to them but i'm not terribly interested in most of them anyway. I've been reading reddit of late (way too much) but one thing i've discovered via a regular poster pron98 is there are no longer 'major releases' of Java. And the "LTS" releases are only "long term support" for paying customers - and aren't stable platforms like one would expect from the name. So it's easier just to upgrade when a new one comes out. I don't work on anything mission critical so I don't have much to test other than 'yep, it works'.

Tagged java, javafx, jjmpeg, nativez, zcl.
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