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Tuesday, 23 April 2019, 03:14

Big Easter Software Bundle!

After basically spending the entirety of Easter (a 4 day holiday here in Australia) plus half of today I've packaged up and released a big ol bunch of stuff.

NativeZ 1.0 is an updated version of CObject which is portable and modular. I've moved my other projects to use it rather than their own copies which had evolved and diverged over time.

jjmpeg 4.0 is updated to use NativeZ as described on the previous post. There are also a bunch of bug fixes and small improvements. It now includes a module for some demos.

zcl 1.0 has been converted to a modular project and mostly to using NativeZ apis. The tools package has moved to a demo module.

They are all now capable of cross platform builds and they all generate platform specific .jmod files as one of the outputs. To do this they all use a new common java.make which is a modular and updated version of an earlier java.make as covered in the last post (and I made further improvements). Apart from modules it supports parallel builds, generated java sources, native code libraries, and cross platform builds using a very simple configuration mechanism.

They're also a bit smaller due to compression used for some initialisation tables.

Another project I have gone quite far on is an incremental java compiler. By scanning the .class files and .java timestamps i'm able to generate complete and accurate lists of both files that need to be rebuilt and files that need to be deleted across a multi-module source compilation. I have all the parts and I think they should work but I need to tie them together into a usable system, and then extensive testing.

Sigh, but I need a holiday. I might take most of the week off - like pretty much everyone else is anyway.

Tagged java, jjmpeg, nativez, zcl.
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