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Saturday, 11 February 2023, 06:28

Cancelled FSF membership

So after 15 years of financial support I decided to end my Free Software Foundation membership this year, I think it expired officially yesterday.

There are a few reasons but none are any reflection on the FSF as an organisation.

Primarily it's because i'm not working at the moment as mentioned in previous posts. I'm not struggling financially or anything but need to consider my budget. I more or less got the membership as a birthday present to myself one year and i'm about to turn 50 in a few days so it seems like a good time to consider the future a bit more closely.

A lesser part is that it's an organisation based in the USA and their political action is necessarily focused there - given i'm in Australia it has a fairly weak impact locally.

I also feel (rightly or wrongly) that when I joined the focus of the FSF was primarily on the GNU project - i.e. the software required to achieve their political goals, and now the focus is more on the political side of software freedom in general. I acknowledge this is reflecting a change in the software and political atmosphere over the last few decades; and further something that needed to happen. However I think my time and resources would be better spent elsewhere.

I guess I also think $US 3500+ was a pretty significant amount of money and I think i've more than done my part as a lowly pleb of a private citizen given there are multi-billion dollar corporations who owe their existance to what the GNU project has wrought.

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