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Sunday, 02 August 2020, 06:49

Going nowhere

Still going though.

At some point a few months ago I almost completely lost interest in coding - my new computer has just been collecting dust. This is the first time i've turned it on in a couple of months, and all I did at that time was upgrade the kernel. Same with this time actually but I also upgraded netbeans to 12.0 because I wasn't doing anything else.

Work is super-slow, partly due to COVID, partly due to timing with respect to breaking my leg, partly the project i'm on and a good dose of I don't give a fuck.

I've been spending a lot of time alone at home, again partly due to COVID but also plenty of I don't give a fuck. Even on a cold day if there's sun about sitting in the backyard with a book and some (nettle) tea is preferrable to drinking beer alone in a cold pub. I seem to feel the cold terribly these days. I'm getting out when I feel the need to, the feeling comes and goes.

I've spent a bit of time playing games, mostly No Man's Sky and a lot of Dreams. Once I got to >$U 4billion in NMS there doesn't seem much point since I avoid the multiplayer but I still go poke around every now and then to see what's cooking.

Dreams is a lot more interesting so i've spent a lot of time in that. I worked on a few starts of games, but I find desiging levels isn boring as fuck so I usually don't get past working out the base gameplay and a demo level. Dreams logic is very limited so it makes doing much with it a bit difficult, but just the challenge of those restrictions is entertaining enough, at least in measured doses. There's some really impressive stuff in there though if you can find it. Should be interesting to see what the PS5 can do with it, and if there's a new PSVR coming.

Till next time ...

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