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Friday, 26 April 2019, 02:10

dez 2.0 for DEZ1 is here!

I just released dez 2.0 for the DEZ1 binary delta format.

Consider this a 1.0 release! The format is now frozen.

It was just going to be 1.3 but I noticed that 1.2 came out 4 years ago so I thought 2.0 was in order. I did prepare 1.3 in the repository but then I just tagged it again with 2.0.

There aren't really many tunables left so I dropped the flags field and made the OP_SINGLE_SPLIT value tunable. It doesn't make much difference anyway.

This is now a modular Java 11 project using my common java.make. I'm also using it to work on adding junit(4) testing to the java.make system. I may split out java.make into jni.make, java.make, junit.make, and so on. tuning it so haven't rolled it back into the base yet.

As usual the Delta-Z home page has download links and other snot. code.zedzone.au houses a browsable copy of the repository; which now uses git. q

Update: I decided to update the javadocs, as they are. The interesting page is the DEZFormat class which defines and describes the format.

These initial links may not be long-term stable as I will possibly look at a unified javadoc build across all my java projects. And I really need to do something about the blinding default stylesheet. My eyes! My EYES!

Update: I couldn't put up with it so I fixed the stylesheet. This time I used some Workbench 2.0 colours but without the 3D borders. Came out quite nice. I filled out the api documents somewhat as well.

Tagged dez, java.
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