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Sunday, 22 April 2018, 09:24

Tags & Styles

Worked a little more on the site.

The big one is that i've added tags back to the pages. Once you start viewing a tag based index is sticks to it navigation until it's cleared or another is chosen. It works in pretty much the way you'd expect it to.

I've also linked in a stylesheet and started filling it out - but this is very rudimentary for now and not much more than enough to make things operate properly.

Powered by gcc and me!

Just for a little background, the blog itself is currently driven by a small stand-alone C program which is executed as a cgi script. The parameter processing is quite strict and just fails with a 4xx series error if anything (external) isn't right. At the moment it doesn't use any sort of database as such - the post text is simply a file on disk which is interleaved within code-generated text. A script generates several indexes in the form of C code from the filenames and a metadata properties file which is then compiled into the binary.

For now, to create a new post I have a small program which creates a simple post template and launches emacs directly on the server. If the file gets edited when emacs exits it then gets moved into the post directory and a metadata file is created. I then have to run make install on the binary to update the indices for the new file and any tags. This can eventually be replaced with a web-based editor with image uploads and so on if I ever get around to it.

It's just meant to be a 'quick and dirty' to get it up and running, but I somewhat like it's simplicity. I can't see it being of any particular interest or use to anyone but I will eventually publish it as Free Software at some later date.

Tagged zedzone.
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