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Wednesday, 25 April 2018, 23:35

Rabbit Holes All The Way Down

I kept poking around the blog code over the last couple of days. It just keeps leading to more and more questions.


Tuesday I mostly spent re-brushing up on the C api for Berkeley DB and designing the schema to implement my version database using it. At some point since I last looked foreign key constraints must have been added so I implemented that - unfortunately unlike JE they don't support self-referential keys (where a field references the primary key of the same object) so I will have to code up a couple of cases for that manually. Actually i'm not sure I even need fully indexed key constraints as the database is designed never to have deletions. If I ever get that far i'll do some benchmarking to evaluate the tradeoffs, or decide how to do deletions.

During the journey I also discovered that at some point Berkeley DB JE changed licenses again - it had been AGPL3 last time I looked. Now it's changed to Apache. I wonder if this is another project soon to be abandoned to the ASF? Anyway it doesn't make much difference to my Free Software projects (not that I ever got far enough to publish any) but it'll be handy for work as i've wanted to use it pleny of times. It's about the only decent NoSQL DB left these days.

Uploading JavaScript

I pretty much detest JavaScript but I wanted to look at how to write some sort of web-based editor for writing posts and I don't really feel like writing yet another MIME parser to handle multipart/form. Well I probably will have to eventually (or likely dig one of the few i've already written back up) but in the mean-time I investigated direct uploads using XJAX.

Most results from searching turn up JQuery snot but I eventually found some raw JavaScript using XMLHttpRequest directly. Given it's only a few lines of code one has to wonder about these 'frameworks'. I digress. I played around a bit, extended my FastCGI library to support streaming stdin and wrote a basic REST-like `uploader' that can handle binary blobs directly without any messy protocol parsing. Yay. And then I fell down another hole ... how the fuck am I going to do security?

I don't really want to buy an SSL cert for this site but using a self-signed certificate isn't really any good. Without that pretty much any auth system is wildly insecure. I started looking into JavaScript libraries for crypto - some are a little over the top but there are a few smaller ones that might serve the purpose. Crypto has a lot of gotchas and one can't be an expert in everything so i'm not sure I want to start down what would be a very long and winding road just to post to a website.

So i'm toying with a few ideas. First just do nothing, stick to ssh and emacs for posting. If I ever bother with comments or feedback they can be anonymous and not require auth. Or instead of using JavaScript write a standalone Java editor / operator console that calls REST services. Or even using an ssh driven backend. This has some appeal personally but I'll see. Another is to use SSL + Digest Auth - this way I let the browsers and server handle all the complexity and get a mostly ok system. If I install my own CA on my local browser(s) and enforce client certificates from the server side, it should be reasonably secure.

Damn windy road already.

I need a real rest

My sleep has been particularly bad of late. The sleep apnoae is quite bad and I regularly (mostly) forget to wear the mouth splint which doesn't-treat-it-particularly-well-but-it's-better-than-nothing. At least I remembered last night.

Today I gotta try and do some hours for work though. At the moment i'm trying to decipher some statistical software written in matlab, which is about my most favouritist thing in the whole world. Fuck matlab.

Oh, I also bought some mice. I've got a couple of small 'travel mouse' mice that I much prefer to the standard fare and although they used to be easy to find they've become quite scarce around here. What ever happened to BenQ anyway? All the local retail only have microsoft or logitech or their own badged chinese crap now. Coordless also seem to have taken over (higher margins one suspects). I looked everwhere locally and on the usual suspects online but couldn't find anything decent. Oddly enough the ThinkPad one I already have was one of cheapest, and from the source, so I ordered a couple to tide me over for the forseeable future. On a whim I also added a wireless 'laser' one as well, although it's marginally larger.

Tagged hacking, zedzone.
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