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Friday, 22 December 2017, 00:24

damned enums

Been a long week but i'm finally done with work for another year. Although it's mostly a long week because of the late nights working on jjmpeg ...

One of the things I did was fill out/sync up the important enums - AVCodecID, AVPixelFormat, AVSampleFormat, and so on. Previously the pixel format and sample formats were also Java enums - which can be convenient at times and provides some more (albeit much much overvalued) 'type safety'.

This was fairly easy because the PixelFormat was a simple densely ordered C enum so i could map between the two with a simple +-1. Unfortunately someone decided to add a big hole in the middle of it sometime between 0.10 and 3.4, ... so I gave up and just converted it to a class holding static final int's, and to make it consistent I did that with the other enumerations as well. It doesn't really make the classes any harder to use and improves the class size and memory footprint. I just added some methods to access libav*'s metadata information so I can still map between string representations and so on.

I had to add a small compilation stage which extracts the enums from the header files and converts them to a C file which when compiled and run produces the Java source ... this seemed the absolute shortest path to ensuring I got accurate numbers based on the ffmpeg build configuration.

So after about a weeks worth of solid work it's grown somewhat (about 2KLOC Java, and 2KLOC C, counting lines with ";{}") and the TODO list is getting pretty short.

I would like to clean up the exception design a bit - unfortunately i'm just not very good at that (who is?) but i'd like to get better. The build system is clean and simple but could be improved and needs to include the aforementioned enum stuff, a dist target and versioning. Logging would be nice (both redirect ffmpeg to java.util.logging and some for jjmpeg itself). JJMediaWriter? Fix the license headers, add at least a README.

Not today though, today I drink.

Tagged java, jjmpeg.
jjmpeg 3.0 released | jjmpeg, jni, javafx
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