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Friday, 18 December 2015, 11:20

hot for xmas

Yay i'm on leave at last.

But what am i to do,

with all this time to pass.

It's been really hot this week - from Monday I think it was 39, 40, 41, 42, and the last forecast i saw had 43 44 for Saturday before a bit of a cool-down. I've been going to the beach in the afternoon then dropping into the city for a couple before going home (and yesterday i went back to the beach again but that was a bit keen). Today i stepped on something in the murky water (puffer fish? crab?) which cut deep enough into the pad of my foot to sting, so i came straight home and tended to that. Seems ok so far and i drew more blood hitting my head in the bathroom leaning down to dry my feet so hopefully it will clear up and i'm not stuck hobbling for too long - i've had more than enough of that this year. Apart from not being cold enough there was a line of murk and some shit floating on the water so it's not the peak experience so i might've skipped tomorrow regardless. It's pretty much dull as fuck too but it is decent exercise and i'm getting quite fit and shapely.

The pubs have been a bit feral and i'm not really enjoying the beer much so i might give that part a rest for the foreseeable future too. Drinking alone really is pretty pathetic but it's somehow ended up at a stage where it's either that or stay home alone apart from some occasional visits to friends (well, one friend, who's still close enough and usually home) or from friends (well, mostly one friend, but not for a while). I rarely hear from family unless they're passing through town although that's probably about the right amount. It just sort of happened.

Going to be a touch cooler next week but its looking high 30s for xmas day which at least is a good start for the day. I probably wont go "home" for it but i'm undecided as to it's final fate. I have done it alone before and that was a really nice and relaxing day but I can imagine it being not so nice if the mood swings the wrong way and this year it's not been swinging up much. Friend offered his parents do if i feel like grandchildren running amok.

Garden's still alive but it's taking a lot of water to keep it so. Its been a pretty dry year with rainfall 150mm+ under the average which is only a paltry 550mm to start with but there might be one more thunderstorm left yet. After a short family visit on the first, the second morning of leave I cut down a tree out the front that was over-shading the roses and was rotting at the base - I was expecting the rest of the tree to be a bit dead but it was only right at the stump but i'm glad i got it out since it didn't seem too solid in the ground. But it's been too hot to do much since. Riding isn't actually too bad so long as you're moving and you slow down as soon as you feel over-exertion but i think it's wise to give the hills a miss for the moment unless i feel like an early ride and have the urge to feel sore the next day (yeah i dunno, i'm a bit over that).

I need more winding-down before thinking about hacking so perhaps i should finally crack open some games but eh, maybe. I could use some good sleep-in's too but i keep getting up early instead, at least the heat has slowed down the builders across the road some so i might have a chance if i try. I sort of did this morning but being awake from 3am to 7am beforehand rather negated any possible benefit.

Life rolls by.

Tagged biographical.
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