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Friday, 06 November 2015, 03:31

OpenCL 2.0 + Java = zcl 0.5, or ~= 1.0 beta

I spent a wet morning doing some clean up and packaging of another zcl build and just finished updating the home page and uploading the source.

Although I just bumped the revision, this is getting pretty close to a 1.0 release. It's still got a few missing bits but it's mostly because the documentation is a bit broken beyond the README. It is only compatible with Java 8.

The home page has more details but the big points are that it now garbage collects everything (with explicit override), the lambda interfaces (trivial though they are), dynamically links to libOpenCL, fills out the extension framework and implements some extensions, and supports cross-platform building of native code.

I had to add a small code-generator to make the dynamic linking practical but it relies on the strict formatting of cl.h and does nothing fancy

Now i've got cross platform sorted out i'll probably do all my work to this interface rather than jogamp/jocl because it's just nicer to use and easier to work with. This might not mean any more frequent updates but at least it should get tested more. But apart from not being able to get SVM working at all on my machine (sdk demo works, cut and pasted bits from demo, or any other thing i write - crash) i've encountered very few bugs anyway.

I've probably covered enough of the new stuff in the blog previously so probably wont have much to add, but the curious are welcome to ask.

Tagged java, opencl.
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