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Wednesday, 28 January 2015, 03:41

No madam, that is not a tablespoon.

I was looking for a decent can opener yesterday - still didn't decide, they're expensive or they're shit and the expensive ones might be shit anyway if they use the weak plastic bearing they use on the cheap ones - and remembered I haven't been able to find my measuring spoon set the last few times I needed it.

So i checked measuring spoons ... and NONE i found in the department stores or kitchen-shit shops were to Australian standard; they only had euro/uk 15ml tablespoons.

Whilst the teaspoon is the same size at 5ml, Australian tablespoons are 20ml.

It's just baffling. I didn't raise it with the staff because I wanted to check my memory was correct first (although i was quite certain as i'd had a somewhat robust discussion with my sister over the fact about a year ago!).

Obviously I could just use 4 teaspoons or some other mix but obviously I can also choose not to buy incorrect measures from a local retailer. Maybe the supermarket will have something correct; they still SOME Australian stuff and not just (dumped) EU brands.

Update: The only ones at the local foodland were actually correct. Although "curiously" the half tablespoon is 7.5ml rather than 10ml; but nobody seems to use dessertspoons anyway so i'm not sure what it's supposed to be.

Tagged globalisation, rants.
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