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Sunday, 13 April 2014, 09:07

On liver n stuff n shit.

So one of those things you never really liked as a kid. Once in a while I think 'man i could go some liver', even mum's cooked-to-hell-and-back version that just turns each sliver into a piece of copper-tainted rubber. I have some lamb's fry in the fridge so that might be (part of) dinner tonight. It's usually kind of 'yeah did that, not sure why' but you know, it has to be done sometimes.

Made some lime cordial today, had a couple of g&t's while i was bringing it to the boil and continued thereafter. Went with the straight ABC recipe (hmm, seems the original page is gone) this time even with it's 1.5Kg of sugar although I added a lot more citric acid - love me a good bit of tart and it's better to be safe than sorry on the preservation side of things. The last few batches didn't have enough punch and i've been thinking it might be due to a lack of sugar so this is part of the experiment to confirm that hypothesis. I had to buy the limes this time :( but they were cheap because they were old, and they've been in the fridge for weeks - but they still have a nice sweet ripe taste so i'm hopeful of a good batch. I usually make my own 'soda' with it: 500ml glass of really cold water + ice, some cordial 'to taste', 3/4 teaspoon of citric acid and 3/4 teaspoon of bi-carb, stir till it fizzes then slam it down; a really fast (and tasty) way to re-hydrate after an afternoon in the sun. Doesn't work if the water isn't super-cold - it just fizzes over and goes flat.

Trying not to think of the week ahead. The 200km of cycling I did last week at least shaved a couple of kilo's off my spare tyre and turned my legs into iron but i'm still recovering after 3 days rest - wildly out of practice and alas not 20 any-more. At least it's a short week coming up with Easter next weekend. The biltong I made last week is just about ready - taking a while to dry in this weather and I didn't find the 40W incandescent 'heater' till a couple of days ago (normal globes around here don't produce enough heat anymore, this is a narrow candle flame shaped one which still has a tungsten filament). Forgot to dip it in vinegar and the spice mix might have a touch too much fennel but it's still pretty tasty, i'll jot down the recipe on here in another post in the not too distant future. Made it straight from some corned silverside which was on special, so it both cheap and easy to make.

End of intermission ... back to the g&t's ... and maybe some liver if i can be bothered ...

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