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Wednesday, 05 March 2014, 04:08

parallella + java + opencl = not happy jan

So following the previous post I thought i'd try getting zcl running on the parallella. I can't really think of anything to use it for but I thought maybe a javafx frontend to a opencl-something would do for an experiment and I haven't used the machine for months and feel a bit like I should.

I had to fix some 32-bit issues and also discovered some api bits missing but the main work was getting zcl to support an OpenCL 1.1 backend since unfortunately coprthr only supports OpenCL 1.1 at the moment. Rather than pollute the api I kept the Java API the same and emulate the various functions where possible through the 1.2 interfaces (e.g. clCreateImage calls clCreateImage2D/3D as appropriate) or throw an UnsupportedOperationException for new functionality. I fixed some other issues as logged on the downloads page.

So I compiled it and linked it to libocl instead of libOpenCL.so (the first surprise), compiled up some pre-requisites for coprthr ... and yeah it just crashes in loadLibrary(). Bummer.

It's most likely that my disk image is out of date I was just hoping to avoid a whole sysadmin session just to poke at some software. I'm kinda over that shit these days.

Update: See the follow-up post where I got it working. It was just a library versioning issue. The OpenCL stuff is a little 'rough' IMNSHO, but it should still be possible to do real work with it too.

Tagged hacking, java, opencl, parallella.
zcl 0.2 released | zcl 0.1 released
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