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Friday, 22 March 2013, 05:46

Nvidia and OpenCL

I don't particularly follow much what Nvidia are up to anymore - for the last 18 months that I was subscribed to the 'gpgpu' mailing list of theirs it never mentioned OpenCL once, so I de-subscribed a few weeks ago because it contained nothing of interest.

I've been poking around anantech/tomshardware too much recently (work-stress induced apathy mostly) and read a few articles about Nvidia's latest developer conference.

Well, no mention of OpenCL anywhere, and now they're pushing their CUDA stuff on mobile as well. The lack of OpenCL 1.2 support, and the poor showing in compute performance of their recent hardware makes it pretty obvious that they're not interested in it, but this really nails the coffin shut.

In comments people always claim that the poor OpenCL performance is just unoptimised drivers. However this doesn't hold much water - because the architecture of their driver design is such that both CUDA and OpenCL are simply thin layers above the same infrastructure. It would be like saying ``Oracle only focuses on Java, and that's why Scala isn't as fast'' - but any improvements they make to the JVM benefit Scala too.

The only alternative is too crazy to imagine, that they're deliberately knobbling the OpenCL performance significantly on purpose. Anyone investing heavily in their super-computer infrastructure would be well to take such nonsense into consideration.

Risky move?

With fairly broad support for the HSA foundation (it seems?), and a computing model which is more advanced than CUDA, can they go it alone? Well apart from their crappy controller/game thing, it doesn't seem like anyone is too interested in Tegra4, so let us all just hope that it is a no on that one.

I'm a little bummed that the priorities at work has kept me away from OpenCL for a while, I had a single day back at it after some leave but then the focus changed again. Although I might be doing some more NEON assembly soon so it's not all bad.

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