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Saturday, 05 January 2013, 03:21

JJPlayer for JavaFX

I finally had enough of Android and started poking at a JavaFX version of JJPlayer this morning.

I'm hoping that working on both of them i'll be able to fine tune the design a bit and help with debugging - e.g. i already fixed the end-of-file bugs and "discovered" the av_frame_get_best_effort_timestamp() function (guh, what a name, bad memories of GNOME dev flooding back).

So far I just have unscaled video going (no sound). There are no controls but I should think JavaFX will make that pretty easy to add (and an opportunity to add some bling). But it can play multiple videos in sequence and the window sizes to fit without eye-jars. Once I get sound going i'll look at filling out the GUI for it - I prefer the OpenAL API but I might try with JavaSound this time.

Performance seems ok, although my first measurements had it on par with mplayer with the GL backend but that seemed to be a specific video (actually it's a touch lower cpu usage on that video). Uses 3-4x memory, but that's cheap isn't it? Unfortunately as one can only write RGB data to WritableImage's, it has to do a YUV-RGB step separately and then perform a redundant copy but there's not much option there.

No screenshot yet as it's pretty basic ...

The code (GPL3) will be in the jjmpeg-1.0 branch of jjmpeg by the time you read this or shortly thereafter inside jjmpeg-javafx.

Tagged hacking, javafx, jjmpeg.
JJPlayer controls | JJPlayer 1.0-a1
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