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Friday, 11 May 2012, 06:25

The World Wide Web

So M$ are up to their old tricks again and restricting competitors from accessing their operating systems properly. Nothing ever changes apart from the date. Does it really matter much anyway? (who in their right mind is even going to use that shit to start with?). Mozilla are still pushing their it's-really-an-operating-system angle, but is that really ideal for me as a customer? Or even as a developer for that matter. One only has to look at any application on a tablet and compare it to it's browser counterpart. Even running on a monster desktop workstation the tablet usually beats the pants of it. e.g. google maps or youtube. For all it's "lowly" specifications (well, they aren't really), the tablet i've been using shits all over anything i've ever seen in a web browser, HTML5, or Flash, on much much faster machines. I would really like to see browsers eschew all that heavy-client crap which has turned them into bloated power wasters, and return to a world of delivering information in an open and linked way. This is something they actually do quite well, and then they can leave the heavier stuff to native applications which always do a better job. And with the range of devices exploding - from workstations to tv's to pocket computers - doing anything more than text with a few pictures, the odd form, is only going to become more difficult. The right tool for the right job, and all that.

Tagged philosophy, rants.
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