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Friday, 06 January 2012, 04:56

Another year.

Well i've been pretty lazy since my leave started - well not entirely lazy just not wedded to the computer keyboard as I usually am. Not really missing it either, yet.

I did however install an automatic watering system and with looking after the garden that keeps me busy enough. The main tomato plant is nearly spent (after about 13kg of tomatoes, not bad for a 2 year-old plant), but i've had a pile of purple beans and the fresh sweet-corn is very nice too and all the citrus is booming now the wine barrels aren't drying out every warmish day.

I went to the country for xmas with my sister & niece, my twin brother and mum; but after a week of that and them it was a relief to come home. I was so over drinking by then I went to bed early on NYE and have been dry since - it didn't help that I had hardly any sleep for weeks beforehand and during so my mood was all over the place. I couldn't keep up with her nightly drinking and she's too much of a know-it-all to put up with for too long!

After returning we had a bit of a heat-wave, so I just sat inside with the AC on, sleeping a lot and watching a lot of shit on tv. I'm a bit full of that too so I've started trying to do some recreational reading again - it's been a long long time - a few years - since I read anything. Starting with reading EE Doc Smith's Lensman series: the 40s style romance and kill-everyone action is a bit funny but it's better than repeats of some shitty american sitcom ... On an impulse buy I even ordered an 'ebook reader', although to my chargrin an 'in sock' item still hasn't shipped 4 days later ... reading on the laptop is ok but I'm interested to see how purpose-built device will compare.

Given I was off the booze for a few days I dropped the coffee too (until this morning) to see if that was the cause of my sleep apnoea going off the scale lately: unfortunately it had no noticeable effect. I was still tired and able to nap for hours every afternoon (thankfully the work next-door has ceased for the moment which let me `sleep'). So it's most probably just being too lazy and sedentary, too overweight, and perhaps some hay fever.

Tagged biographical.
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