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Friday, 09 December 2011, 04:55


In the nick of time, i've got a big block of leave coming up starting COB today (actually i've basically knocked off - too many hours this week - but have to hang around for something).

I've been put off travelling for a few years - all those trips to Boston and around the world from Perth were a bit much, so I probably wont be going anywhere. The garden needs plenty of up-keep anyway so I will probably just bum around the house a lot. Who knows, maybe i'll get somewhere with the deck and shed floor ...

Although I should probably take a break from the keyboard I'll no doubt end up doing some hacking - no real plans so I'll see where my interests take me. Apart from the projects I already have on the go, eventually I want to resurrect my own effort at an internet publishing platform too.

Another long outstanding task is to build a woodworking bench from some recovered timber, and perhaps a set of steps from the back porch. Maybe get a welder? Really should do that shed floor first ...

I'm still really dark on Sony for cutting my ps3 in half, so i'm not sure i'll play too many games - I would like to look at uncharted 3 though.

The main dissapointment of the moment is that I ran out of beer last night and haven't brewed anything for months either. This sounds like something that needs to be rectified with prejudice.

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