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Friday, 01 April 2011, 04:49

Julia Gillard: Offensive Idiot

So one wonders what exactly prompted our Prime Minister to call The Greens extremists the other day, and then follow that up with the following gem yesterday:

"The Greens will never embrace Labor's delight at sharing the values of everyday Australians, in our cities, suburbs, towns and bush, who day after day, do the right thing, leading purposeful and dignified lives, driven by love of family and nation."

This is the sort of offensive wedge politics that had fuckwit little johnny rotten howard in power for a decade. Some minda of a minder has convinced her to pander to the bogan set obviously.

"The differences between Labor and the Greens take many forms but at the bottom of it are two vital ones. The Greens wrongly reject the moral imperative to a strong economy.

In this case, clearly "strong economy" is just a euphamism for "pandering to multinational and big-money interests through free trade, globalisation, and pro-business tax policies", and so on.

Not to mention fair go for all, mutual respect, and all that. Who's really being ``un-australian'' here? After-all, she's the one locking babies up behind razor wire in remote desert camps.

I'd suggest that if The Green's don't delight in sharing the values of 'everyday' Australians then it is probably the values of the particular group of 'everyday' Australians she's referring to that need to be questioned. Clearly at least 11% of the country thinks The Green's are ok enough to vote for which is a pretty big group to offend so directly (add the fact that these 11% are keeping her in power and it is clearly an idiotic thing to say).

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