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Monday, 20 September 2010, 14:23


Well that was a busy weekend. I started each morning pretty slowly almost wanting to just stay inside all day but ended up a solid 5 hours each day in the yard and then some at night. Did some grocery shopping in two trips on the deadly and finally got some hay fever pills. Pruned the roses (a little late - they were already flowering again) and re-staked most of them. Stacked up the dismantled shed more neatly. Took down the last beam of the old verandah. Levelled off the shed site better. Broke a rake. Shifted 15 barrow loads of earth out of the way. Cleaned and rolled up the old sun-blind from the verandah. Sprayed the weeds. Sprayed the roses with fungicide. Cleaned and sanitised 40 longnecks. Bottled some homebrew, started a new homebrew. Baked some bread (getting quite good at that). Ripped a few heads off in God Of War 3 ...

No time or energy left for hacking. Although with the sunlight hours extending my sleep patterns are going crazy. Up early, then not tired till very late, then sleeping in and visa versa.

Last week I was looking up algorithms on the net and finally got fed up with google only showing cloaked paywall websites. I tried yahoo! (ugh, bing!) again (I usually end up doing this) and found as usual that it went more directly to the papers when they were available freely. I'll have to keep that in mind next time - it's just too time consuming finding stuff using google and resorting to google scholar is a bit hit and miss and more of a pain. Damn I wish my maths was better though - ever since matric i had trouble with differential calculus and I could really use it now.

Was having a generally brain-dead week anyway, every new bit of code I wrote seemed to be more broken than the last - after slowing down a bit I lost the knack for a bit. The hayfever hasn't been helping either.

Tagged house, rants.
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