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Monday, 12 April 2010, 16:28


Shit what a day. I've been trying to get some @#$@ algorithm working in Java after converting it from C. I've verified that every stage produces the same numerical result for the same test data, but when run in the application all it produces is total rubbish. I know when I find the problem it'll turn out to be a one line bug somewhere ... i've had more than enough now, i've already spent 5 hours on it, or 7. Time to give it a rest, although I guess it's something to 'look forward to' tomorrow too, because it's a core component and I have to get it working asap. @!#$@

I haven't had much time left over lately to do much beagle hacking but i did a bit more last night - really just getting the last lot of stuff I did to compile, and filling out a few more little details. Although all that late night and tired hacking is certainly going to make for broken code. Next i'll have to get it running on the board - which I imagine will take some time. This includes a user-process as well, so once I get that running I can really start to test everything - mmu code, ipc, and so on. Hmm, still need a jiffy clock though ...

I spent a few hours on the weekend pounding dirt into the dirt - compacting the ground in preparation for levelling it off. Quite surprised at how soft it was - it generally compacted up to 50mm. And this ground was under paving originally ... Also pulled out an old wisteria that i'd soaked up with glycophosphate and thought i'd killed - although it was still well alive under-ground and shooting all along the roots. Bloody hell talk about strong roots (and lots of them), even a pencil sized root was too strong for me to break when it ran too deep to pull further - and I don't think i've put as much effort into anything for quite some time - even the spade had trouble cutting through it.

Cat jumped up on me this morning ... and bloody slipped! In his falling he tried to grab on harder ... damn his claws are sharp. Nice big scratch across my waist ... Still, the Java ended up more painful today.

Tagged biographical, rants.
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