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Saturday, 13 July 2019, 03:22

Reading multi-stream high-depth videos in octave (and matlab)

So I discovered recently that octave and matlab support direct calling out to Java. We had a need to read both multi-stream and high bit-depth videos from them, and using jjmpeg seemed a lot easier than writing some mex shit. The native video format support in matlab is abysmal and it simply has no capability for reading multi-stream videos either.

Anyway, i've just commited some stuff to jjmpeg in contrib/octave. It consists of a simplified multi-stream VideoReader and a small set of octave.m files which ease it's use and make it portable. And a Makefile to compile this using a Java 8 JDK because those tools are so wildly out of date.

Here I am testing my patches for ffmpeg+kinect as discused in some recent posts. This shows the 3 streams recorded by that tool; colour 8-bit mjpeg from camera, infra-red 16-bit raw and depth 16-bit raw losslessly encoded using jpegls.

The .jar file and octave scripts are portable to matlab. Althhough the license means they cannot be distributed, I think.

Since the freenect2 indev patches were not accepted into ffmpeg I will add them and probably the kinect2 indev patches to jjmpeg/contrib as well. At some future point in time.

Tagged code, hacking, java, jjmpeg.
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