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Tuesday, 03 April 2018, 23:17

time to put some money where my mouth is?

Due to some of the surveillance/tracking stuff in the news of late I went down a bit of a rabbit hole of looking at various 'secure' email and so on to do something about my gmail account and blogger.

I didn't really find anything I liked so instead i got myself a domain and a virtual private server to play with. I had originally intended to set something up on my home network via a static address but I never got around to it. Unfortunately getting a vps in switzerland is cheaper than even doing that - and that's with the virtual hardware and unlimited network bandwidth the latter of which is big buckeroonies in australia.

Well I still haven't done anything with it apart from setup apache with a nothing homepage pointing back to my isp hosted stuff, but it's at www.zedzone.au.

I'm still pretty lazy on the whole idea so it might take a while but i'll move my code and blog and eventually add an email to it. I don't particularly like working at that end these days (despite multiple shots at CMS subsystems) - too much security and complexity to worry about - but i'll see how it goes.

Although logging in here to post this did give me pause for thought on getting a bit less lazy about it. Despite never having offering it before blogger just gave me a page to buy and link a custom domain for a-hackers-craic.

Thanks google for once again mining my email to sell me something I already bought!

Next it'll be combat boots, kilts, and beer ... Adelaide Review article which includes bits about me (not sure why i didn't introduce myself as Zed that time, would've been better!).

Update: 15/4/2018. I finally got off my laze arse and spent a wet afternoon playing with the site - i've copied my internode (ISP) pages to the server, fixed some paths, and installed cvstrac for browsing the source (of some of the projects) via the new virtual host code.zedzone.au.

Still to do is the blog.

Tagged biographical.
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