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Wednesday, 18 December 2013, 20:04

Wondered why the cartoons were on telly so late ...

Oops, it's early not late. Somehow it got to 5am, and now it's nearly 6.

I was looking up Welsh accent videos after watching 'Utopia' on SBS along with a bottle of red and a couple of rum on ices and somehow 6 hours vanished before I had realised. Probably didn't help that I only had cheese, olives, and other pickled condiments for dinner. It all seemed like a good idea at the time.

The last few weeks i've been working extra hours to try to burn out my contract before the xmas break so I was already a bit wiped out and I think I got a bit over-eager from wanting it to be over. Insomnia, poor sleep in general and even some annoying 'dreams' about bit reversal permute and vertical fft algorithms just compounded this. Got a meeting in a few hours - but it's only really a hand-off of pre-prepared work and i'm sure I can burn an iso or two.

I guess i'm just really looking forward to a couple months off and started a bit early. Just 16 hours left and all my main tasks are done for the contract and i'm pretty much over it at this point. But a big component is a few of those 'never ending' research-oriented tasks that have no defined completion milestones so I still have plenty to poke at.

Hmm, forcecast is 43 today - garden will be incinerated. It was forecast 41 yesterday and from the look of the plants I can't tell if i'm waterlogging them or letting them dry out too much - I dumped a few hours worth of rainwater tank on the garden trying to help it survive. Need some spot shades to stop the exteremeties burning off since it's a lot hotter than that in the full sun on the bare earth or on the black polyethelyne picking buckets I'm using as pots for the herbs. Last year I measured over 70 on a wheelie bin and that wasn't even in full sun all day. Even the birds are barely singing well after sun-up - must know what's coming in a few hours.

Better try to get a couple of zed's - can always sleep the arvo off. Damn eyes are killing me too as they have been for few weeks; bloody hayfever and i can't be far away from needing glasses.

Tagged biographical, rants.
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