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Tuesday, 14 May 2013, 02:46

So I finally wrote a game ...

Ok, so it's just a bash version of hangman for the olimex weekend coding challenge, but it's still a complete game, including opening screen/instructions, a computer brain and even a closing animation on the credits.

Welcome to hang-man bash.

       |  o /
       | /|
       | / \

I was going to do a java version with graphics, or even an android one for the hell of it, but the inner loop of the bash solution was too elegant to not just use that. Yay for grep and sed, and shuf is pretty neat too.

Although I don't have any olimex hardware I check up on the blog once in a while to see if anything is interesting is happening, and the coding challenge is quite a nice little idea. I might suggest something similar for the parallella project.

In other news I thought I would look at trying to improve the Java support in automake as nobody else seems to want to. The main issue is just coming up with a tidy set of conventions and deciding what features it has. I'm hoping to come up with something tidy and useful, but with so many possible solutions it might take a while for a good one to coalesce. An on-going journey.

I've also started doing a bit of paid-for work on libffts post the JNI stuff I contributed. Wont replace my day job but the opportunity arose. An android app is one goal, but more on that later.

Tagged code, hacking.
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