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Tuesday, 29 May 2012, 13:06

ARGH drivers! Code!

So, the AMD HD7970 arrived at last.


I knew it was probably not a wise idea just yet ... but i put it in ...

The 12.4 drivers weren't too much hassle to get going on Fedora 15, I just downloaded the Fedora 16 SRPM and built that. Had a couple of library path issues/conflicts with the SDK but I got that sorted.

The "second monitor is slow as shit" problem is back again unfortunately. I had that with some other previous version, then it went away with 11.11, but now it's back again. Very annoying but not the end of the world.

Unfortunately though, lots of code crashes, even crashes the driver and system lock-ups. I haven't had that happen for a while :'(. But mostly this seems to be bugs in my code. e.g. I spotted an issue with the SURF hessian det routine - it expects the images to be multiple of 16 wide for instance otherwise it can end up over-writing the bounds of images. I guess GCN or the driver is a lot thingier about such things now.

Also a compiler crash, but i suspect that is some bad barrier() usage in my new SVD stuff - i always get caught out when trying to have sub-groups of work-items work together on a problem and i just noticed the outer loops wont be synchronised across all work-items. That's a bit of a bummer as fixing it might be a bit of a performance hit (i'll see if simply removing the barriers works first! For a CPU backend the design is wrong anyway), but it doesn't matter how fast it runs, invalid code is useless.

Ho hum. Well I knew I should've waited ... for now i've put back the old card and will have a look when i have more time next week. Thankfully everything still works even with the updated driver - i very much doubt the cayman code-base is getting much love with the GCN stuff around so it probably is the same code as in the older driver.

Tagged opencl, rants.
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