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Thursday, 05 April 2012, 00:23

The weekly ups and downs

So I noticed in the analytics graphs an obvious pattern emerge on my google code pages, which is probably due to the hit-rate getting high enough to rise above the noise (the point of which incidentally coincides with when I put up a test release of jjmpeg).

(the numbers have been truncated)

The pattern seems to have been there before, but now it's glaringly obvious. And that is that people are hitting the site only on during working days in the USA (there aren't enough hits yet to determine if there is a trend in the hours too).

So I wonder what that means; it is just working people looking for some free code? Students doing class-work? It seems to suggest that hobby programmers are probably not that interested in it; or that the vast majority only hack during the week-days (which i don't think likely, not to this extent). The only communications i've received have been from cost-free-code snarfers and students, so at least that data point correlates - although the sample is so small it doesn't amount to hard data.

Well whilst i'm on statistics of the site I'll dump a few other observations:

Tagged biographical, philosophy, rants.
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