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Saturday, 18 June 2011, 06:17


So I needed a bit of a break from work and other stuff I was working on so I've revisited ImageZ in my spare time over the last week or so. I'm contemplating cleaning it up a little and putting it somewhere other than my own hard drive - it's well and truly alpha-quality but maybe it can go beyond that.

I decided trying to have a global tool context was just never going to work, so I've moved them to being per-image. And now I'm in the midst of redoing the drawing tool - recognising that the only thing that changes with the pen types is what it draws at each paint position. So i've made an interface that creates pens on the fly using shape, dimensions, colour, and fill type. Still not sure where i'll end up with this but it seems a more promising direction.

And as also can be seen, I thought it needed a bit more colour ...

I'd forgotten how much I actually had working quite well - layers of different data types (8 bit, 16 bit, float, grey-scale or RGB), infinite undo, compound selections, and a nice save dialogue. Although there are also some pretty broken parts - all blend modes apart from Normal (I changed the alpha model and haven't updated them), image operations, and being able to load and save multi-layered images (that's a bit of a show-stopper). I know one reason I didn't get far on the latter was that there is no native support for loading/saving float format images.

Unfortunately the rest of the household is all croaking from some illness and I feel like i'm headed toward a bit of man-flu, so this weekend will be a slow one I think.

Tagged hacking, imagez, java.
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