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Thursday, 07 October 2010, 11:56


I finally deleted my facebook account. I only seemed to use it when i was feeling particularly lonely and/or drunk and as a consequence normally just said stupid boorish things that made me look like a wanker anyway. Not that anybody else ever says anything of consequence, it's all so banal and pointless.

But it feels a bit like the cutting the last connection I had to many people I've known for a long time (some nearly 20 years), since most of them don't seem to know how to use email any more. But I don't feel comfortable with having to use such software to do it, and if the sum total of the effort required to maintain a connection with someone is logging onto a server in the USA and posting smart-arse one liners I somehow don't think it will be missed. I rarely logged on more than once a month anyway.

Haven't felt like hacking much lately - hit a wall with work and seem to have lost the energy to hack in my free time as well. Spring I suppose - usually makes me feel a bit like that even without the hayfever, even though i've been waiting for the weather to warm up for so long. With the warmth the garden already needs watering to keep it going. The peas have gone crazy, collapsing in a big heap and lots of flowers, and more than enough to eat every day. Just waiting for the shed to go in before the next hive of activity in the yard - electricity, floor, rainwater tanks and storm water, although I really just want a break for a while.

Friends invited me along to a house near the beach over the last long weekend - which was really good fun. Although by the end of it I think i needed a few days off to recover. So much food and booze, and too many early mornings. And coming back to an empty house always feels ... empty.

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