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Thursday, 24 June 2010, 14:40


Hmm, bit of a slow and frustrating today although it felt like I did something by the end of it. I was up till nearly 4 but couldn't last it out to watch the Australian soccer game - pity, it sounds like it was a decent match. Just as well as some tree loppers came cutting trees around 10am and woke me up with the chainsaw and mulching machine. The fence and wall where my bedroom is seems to act like a wave guide for audible sound waves, so anything on the street immediately in front of the house is loud and clear through the closed window.

I was trying to play with using image2d_t objects in the OpenCL code to see how they work. I didn't get very far - not a lot of documentation and the whole api is still a little too new. I eventually found one simple but show stopper bug, but there was also other puzzling behaviour such as not being able to use mono-channel textures. I think I filed the first bug for JOCL on the jogamp bugzilla with that patch which either implies it's quite stable, or nobody else is using it. I haven't had much luck building JOCL so I might have to wait for a new build to include the patch I sent before progressing along that track.

I guess i'll leave that stuff for now and just try to get the basic algorithm working. I'll be happier once I can remember the bits of API i need without having to lookup every single change so I don't have to spend so much time mucking about with the setup.

Tagged hacking, opencl.
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