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Thursday, 11 February 2010, 09:06


Slightly wet day today ... what better excuse is needed for some hacking. Like I needed one.I started looking at the I


C controller today. Originally the idea was to try and get some sort of sound out of the board (it's one of the parts needed), but then I thought that was a bit too ambitious. So I settled for trying to blink the LED connected to the power controller/audio chip.After a bit of a false start it just worked. Damn, there's a surprise, not used to things `just working'. The manual describes programming the I


C controller a few times, and only the one with the detailed flow-chart of a sort of state-machine is the one that works. Took a little while to work out how to read back data from a master, but it was reasonably straight forward given the description of the protocol in the TPS65950 manual.Since the LED is connected through a PWM the code does more than just turn the LED on and off, I made it `pulse' by smoothly changing the duty cycle using an approximate sine curve. Code is in i2c-leds.

Tagged beagle, hacking, puppybits.
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