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Thursday, 07 January 2010, 12:42

Well that was a bit of a waste.

Blah. Spent hours and hours trying to figure out some of the clocking on the OMAP. My video output isn't quite correct at the moment - it works with my monitor, but it'd be nice to fix it. But I just couldn't get anything I tried to work. The documentation has strange examples which are a bit hard to decipher. I thought I managed to work out the programming of the clock it was using, but then the serial baud rate changed. Damnit. Tried using the other clock - and that took even more digging the documentation - but I can't get that to work either. The linux source is a bit convoluted but I might have to resort to working that that out to understand what's going on - the clocking system is pretty ... complex (there are dozens of clocks, with many cascaded from others).My new FSF membership card came in the post - or at least I got it out of the letterbox today. Bit thicker than i'd hoped - it's like a fibreglass PCB, so it might not make my wallet. The Trisquel installation is quite nice too - well setup, quite polished - everything just works. With a good selection of real applications too, like openoffice.org, gimp, inkscape, gthumb, and even evolution. Unlike some distributions with their weird application choices. Pity it's debian based mind you.

Hot again today - garden still alive somehow, at least the bits I remember to water. Getting a few (small) cherry tomatoes off every day - enough for a little salad. I suppose I need anything I can get to help my crappy diet lately. I even managed to get out for a bit - although it was just for groceries. Is it just me or are the roads a lot busier these days? Sigh.

Tagged beagle, gnu, hacking.
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